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Do You Want Precision?

One of the reasons we reload is our fondness for precision. Not only the precision with which a finely crafted load performs, but the satisfaction we receive from knowing we've done everything we can to insure uniformity and quality; precision.

The Precise Load

Image Clearly one of the keys to performance is the carefully worked up load. Several different bullets and powders with different charge weights are experimented with until you're satisfied that you've found the ideal combination. The problem with this is the tremendous amount of time it takes to produce, say 25 different loads (5 powders at 5 different charge weights). I think we'd all have to concede that there have been times that we've thrown in the towel on load development a little earlier then we'd care to admit for lack of time to chase manual powder dispensers and balance beam scales.


High Speed Automatic Precision

Working with the PACT Digital Precision Powder Scale the new High Speed PACT Digital Precision Powder Dispenser puts an end to the hassle of endlessly fiddling with manual powder dispensers. Working with our Digital Precision Powder Scale the High Speed Dispenser will automatically give you the exact charge weight you've asked for. Want 61.9 grains? Type it in and press Dispense. Your Dispenser will take it from there, depositing your powder directly into the powder pan resting on the Scale. The Scale tells the Dispenser the actual charge weight as it's being dispensed using our infrared data port. The information from the Scale allows the dispenser to precisely meter the charges, trickling the last few tenths. In other words, each load is as accurate as it would be if you weighed each charge, trickling each one to the correct weight by hand. The difference is that the dispenser won't get tired or bored, and won't complain. It'll just sit there giving you what you asked for time after time. Our new High Speed system delivers your precise charge in about 1/3 the time of our original PACT/RCBS system with the same outstanding accuracy. The larger the load the greater the time savings. 

Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty 

All PACT products are designed and manufactured here at our factory in Texas. They are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. We take full responsibility for your satisfaction.  

"I must tell you that that I have been using my PACT scale for several years now and have been most satisfied with its performance. It has performed flawlessly over under a wide set of circumstances... I have been hand-loading now for 27 years and must admit to you that my new PACT Digital Powder Dispenser/PACT Digital Powder Scale does as good a job (OR BETTER) as I can do with my manual powder measure and manual powder trickler. Furthermore it measures out the charges very quickly and VERY VERY accurately. I could possibly be as accurate by hand, but it would take a lot of time and effort. I am absolutely in awe of this system and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about hand-loading. It makes a tedious task so easy and fast that it puts the fun back into reloading. Thank you for all your good work and great products. Keep them coming."
K. V. Spring, Texas

Q: Does the new PACT system require calibration?

A: Yes, absolutely - but it is fully automatic and just takes a few seconds. We don't consider calibration an option. Different powders have different characteristics. The automatic calibration that the PACT Dispenser performs is what allows us to deliver the precision that our customers expect.

Q: Other then speed, are there any other improvements?

A: When we designed the original Dispenser, we did not anticipate folks producing loads over 99.9 grains. Then the .50 BMG caught on. The new dispenser will allow you to key in up to 300 grains.

Q: I've had my Dispenser since 1996, can it be upgraded to the new system?

A: Of course. Any and all PACT manufactured Dispensers including the RCBS Powder Master can be upgraded to the new system. The charge is $75 + shipping.

Q: Is the PACT High Speed Dispenser compatible with my RCBS Powder Pro scale.

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Where is the Dispenser manufactured, I heard all this stuff comes from Red China?

A: That is a sore subject around here. None of our products are made "off shore." They are all made right here in Texas. This includes all of our electronic Scales, Shooting Timers, Chronographs and the Powder Dispenser.

Q: Wouldn't they be cheaper if you made them in China like your competitors have done?

A: Yes they would.